2 Years

Our Cocoons learning group is made of our two year olds and is aimed at developing their confidence.


3 Years

Our Caterpillars learning group comprises our three year old children and is aimed at developing their abilities and building their confidence.


4 Years

The four year olds in our Butterflies group are mainly focussed on getting ready for school.


Our Programme

We recognise that quality early childhood education helps children to develop confidence, independence and an interest in learning. Our centre is divided into two areas (under 2 and over 2) and each area is designed to meet the different development needs of each age group. Within our over 2 area, we have three learning groups – Cocoons (2 year olds), Caterpillars (3 year olds) and Butterflies (4 year olds).

Our centre is designed to be open plan and allow maximum interaction between age groups where it is appropriate. We are fortunate to have the space to offer a wide range of outdoor activities, in particular a separate playground for the under 2s and a large indoor/outdoor space which can be used in bad weather, and offers a rock climbing wall, a bike track, a sailing boat, a life size playhouse, a dedicated carpentry area and a basketball court.

Bizzy Kidz' daily programme is focused on education, offering meaningful learning opportunities for babies, toddlers and older children. Three and four year olds, in particular, are guided towards making a successful transition to primary school with a range of activities, including literacy workshops (learning to write their numbers and letters), library visits and reading sessions. Part of school life is also getting used to routines and set times during the day. For this reason, we do have established times for meals and mat times, as well as some sleep times. In addition, as children are unable to tell time at this age, routines give them a sense of the passage of time through the day, and fixed points to which they can relate.

Each child is guided to develop at their own pace according to his or her own unique way of learning. Our programmes are evaluated on a regular basis by the whole team, and also by the Education Review Office (ERO); and are founded on the guiding principles of Te Whāriki (the Ministry of Education’s bicultural early childhood curriculum document).

It is well documented that children learn through play. Play is the way that children learn about their world, and is also a means of expressing knowledge from previous experiences and building upon those to broaden their learning. What Bizzy Kidz provides is a framework for that play, with both structured and spontaneous activities, and imaginative indoor and outdoor experiences.

Children's play experiences, and therefore their learning, is then documented in their individual portfolio. This contains their literacy and numeracy workbooks, their drawings, other art work, and photo stories written by teachers recording the education taking place. This is updated on a regular basis and is available for you to take home to show to family members. We ask that you return the portfolio within a week to enable us to continue adding to it, visually documenting your child’s progress and first memories.