Community Involvement

Bizzy Kidz has been in Mangere Bridge for eight years, and over that time, we have built up some fantastic relationships with families and businesses in our neighbourhood. We regularly participate in local fundraisers, some of them organised by our parents, and we are a big part of the Spirit of Christmas initiative, which puts together hampers for single parent families.

Another way we support our community is to participate in the Gateway Programme for Onehunga High School. Students who are considering a career in early childhood education spend a few weeks working at Bizzy Kidz for one day a week, to experience life in a centre and help them reach a decision. We have been lucky to have some great students, one of whom is going to start her degree and also work full-time with us during her studies.

Eat My Lunch

We also support Eat My Lunch, which is an initiative started in Auckland in 2015 and is now available across New Zealand. When we order lunch for our team from Eat My Lunch, an identical lunch is given to a Kiwi kid in need. Once a month, we order 20 lunches and 20 kids at a low decile school get a good feed. Eat My Lunch has offered food security to thousands of children who might not otherwise attend school. There are many schools in our local area that participate in this amazing programme and we are proud to be part of it too.

If you are interested in supporting Eat My Lunch, please go here for more information

World Vision

Through World Vision, we also sponsor a child called Mayeso Mthipa, who lives in Malawi, Africa. Through regular communication (letters and videos), our children have learnt about life in another country and how children grow up in different environments. We have been sponsoring Mayeso for five years, and have seen him grow from a toddler to a schoolboy.

Blind Foundation

We also sponsor a guide dog for the blind, and have sponsored four dogs so far, who have gone on to be amazing companions to their caregivers.